Bitmap Image

A bitmap image is represented with a TBitmap32 object and is stored in the Bitmap property. Its scale and location within the control is determined by the following properties:

BitmapAlign — specifies if the bitmap image is positioned at the top-left corner of the control (baTopLeft), centered (baCenter), tiled (baTile) or it its exact location is determined by OffsetHorz and OffsetVert properties;

ScaleMode — indicates if the bitmap image is displayed with its original size (smNormal), stretched to fit the control's boundaries (smStretch), proportionally resized to fit the control's boundaries(smResize) or proportionally scaled using its Scale property (smScale).

The bitmap image is combined with the back-buffer according to its DrawMode property. And the quality of its resampling is determined by the StretchFilter property. If its DrawMode is dmCustom, the bitmap will fire a series of OnPixelCombine events.

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