type TFillLineEvent = procedure(Dst: PColor32; DstX, DstY, Length: Integer; AlphaValues: PColor32) of object;


Use this definition to create custom fill line callbacks.

Dst specifies the first position in the destination buffer that needs to be drawn to. You can use the coordinates DstX and DstY for calculations.

Length determines the length of the line to draw.

AlphaValues is a pointer to the first alpha value of the edge for each pixel on that line. This is used by the PolygonXS and PolyPolygonXS procedures only. For PolygonTS and PolyPolygonTS this parameter is nil, so please do appropriate checks.

Callbacks based on this specification cann be used with the DrawFill and Draw methods of TPolygon32 or with the Polygon and PolyPolygon routines.

See Also

TPolygon32, TPolygon32.Draw, TPolygon32.DrawFill, Polygon, PolyPolygon