type TAntialiasMode = (am32times, am16times, am8times, am4times, am2times);


Specifies how polygons are antialiased.

Here is a small illustration that demonstrates the different modes and their output quality:


32x supersampling generally generates the best result. However, it is also the slowest mode.
16x supersampling generates a very smooth result. Generally, there is no noticeable difference in quality between this and the 32x mode.
8x supersampling is a good compromise between speed and quality.
4x supersampling offers an acceptable tradeoff between speed and quality.
2x supersampling offers the worst quality, but still has a higher precision than rendering without any antialiasing.

If you need fast but still antialiased polygons (for example in an editor) we recommend using the 4x or 8x antialias mode.


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