procedure RenderText( X, Y: Integerconst Text: String; AALevel: Integer; Color: TColor32);

procedure RenderTextW( X, Y: Integerconst Text: Widestring; AALevel: Integer; Color: TColor32);


The RenderText or RenderTextW (the Unicode-Version) method draws a string of characters. This method is much slower compared to TextOut functions, however it supports antialiasing and transparency. AALevel specifies how the text is antialiased. If it is zero, no antialiasing is performed, the value of 4 corresponds to a maximum quality.

Note, that quality of the text is also influenced by the system font antialiasing.

This method draws a string using current Font, but it ignores the Font.Color property, substituting it with the Color parameter.


Please note that the CLX versions of the non-Unicode methods do also default to Widestring because that is the native QT string format.


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