property MappingRect: TFloatRect;


MappingRect specifies the scaling and positioning of the input coordinate space in conjunction with the usage of the subordinate vector map. I.e. changing the mapping rectangle will change the mapping onto the transformed space. Consider the following two images:

Here a fisheye transformation was rasterized centered on the subordinate vector map (using RasterizeTransformation). In the left image, the mapping rectangle (the red rubberband layer) is centered and shrinked somewhat. In the right image, the rectangle was changed to another position and scaled, causing a different mapping. The rasterized transformation has not been changed.

As seen above, the the mapping rectangle is not behaving like a transformed bounds rectangle. Thus for intuitive user interface, one may prefer another type of representation. The above representation is solely chosen for the sake of explanatory value.

See Also

Rectangle Types, TRubberbandLayer, GetTransformedBounds, Scale, Offset, RasterizeTransformation