procedure BlockTransferX(
  Dst: TCustomBitmap32;
  DstX: TFixed;
  DstY: TFixed;
  Src: TCustomBitmap32;
  SrcRect: TRect;
  CombineOp: TDrawMode;
  CombineCallBack: TPixelCombineEvent = nil);


BlockTransferX is an extended version of BlockTransfer that allows a destination coordinate (DstX, DstY) in fixed-point coordinates. This means that the source bitmap is not copied directly but rather transposed a fractional distance before it is copied. In order to still retain reasonable performance, linear interpolation is used for the fractional displacement.

See BlockTransfer for a detailed description.

See Also

TCustomBitmap32, Rectangle Types, TDrawMode, TPixelCombineEvent, BlockTransfer, StretchTransfer