procedure WriteTo(Dest: TBitmap32; Conversion: TConversionType); overload;
procedure WriteTo(Dest: TBitmap32; const Palette: TPalette32); overload;


WriteTo fills the Dest bitmap using the values stored in the byte map.

If it is necessary, the destination bitmap is resized to fit the byte map dimensions.

The following table shows how 8-bit data is transformed into 32-bit RGBA color depending on Conversion parameter.

Conversion Action
ctRed Copies bytes into red channel
ctGreen Copies bytes into green channel
ctBlue Copies bytes into blue channel
ctAlpha Copies bytes into alpha channel
ctUniformRGB Copies the same byte value into red, green and blue channels.

WriteTo method does not distinguish between ctUniformRGB and ctWeightedRGB conversion types.

Note, that this method alters only the specified color channels, other channels remain intact.

The second overloaded version with Palette parameter uses TPalette32 array to map byte values into RGBA colors.

See Also

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