Layer Options Bits

The basic behavior of the layer is controlled by its LayerOptions property, an unsigned 32-bit integer field of bits. The upper 8 bits in this field are reserved for default options:

Bit # Constant Name Description
31 LOB_VISIBLE Controls the layer visibility

Indicates that the layer performs drawing when its owner (TCustomImage32 control or its descendant) draws its GDI Overlays.

[ Note: Most likely, this constant will not be used in future versions. Do not use it ]

29 LOB_MOUSE_EVENTS Specifies whether the layer responds to mouse messages.
28 LOB_NO_UPDATE Disables automatic repainting when the layer changes its location or other properties.
27 LOB_NO_CAPTURE Allows to override automatic capturing of mouse messages when the left mouse is pressed on top of the layer. This bit has no effect if LOB_MOUSE_EVENTS is not set.
26 LOB_RESERVED_26 Reserved for future use
25 LOB_RESERVED_25 Reserved for future use
24 LOB_RESERVED_24 Reserved for future use

Other 24 bits can be used for any other purpose, as customized layer classification etc.

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