Paint Stage Constants

Paint stage constants specify the type of operation associated with a paint stage in TCustomImage32 and its descendants.

There is seven types of paint stages, which can be used by TCustomImage32 to paint its contents. Each paint stage has 'PST_' prefix:

Stage Name Value Description
PST_CUSTOM 1 Calls the OnPaintStage event
PST_CLEAR_BUFFER 2 Clears the buffer
PST_CLEAR_BACKGND 3 Clears visible buffer area
PST_DRAW_BITMAP 4 Draws a scaled bitmap image
PST_DRAW_LAYERS 5 Draws layers
PST_CONTROL_FRAME 6 Draws a dotted frame around the control
PST_BITMAP_FRAME 7 Draws a dotted frame around the scaled bitmap image

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