TRenderThread extends the standard TPersistent class with the thread-safe locking and declares change notification events.

The locking provides means of syncronization of simultaneous access to the same resource in applications with multiple threads and it works similar to that in TCanvas class. For additional information, see Delphi documentation on TCanvas.

This class also declares change notification abilities. That is, it provides methods and events allowing it descendants to issue notification on their changes. For example, TBitmap32 uses OnChange to notify its container (usually TImage32 or TBitmapLayer) that it was modified and its data has to be repainted to the screen. TThreadPersistent, however, does not use or implement automatic change notification itself. This is done in descendants.


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In TRenderThread:

See Also

TBitmap32, TNotifiablePersistent.OnChange, TImage32, TBitmapLayer