function InflatePolygons(const Polygons: TArrayOfArrayOfFloatPoint; const Delta: TFloat; JoinType: TJoinType = jtSquare; MiterLimit: TFloat = 2): TArrayOfArrayOfFloatPoint;

This function inflates (grows) or deflates (shrinks) Polygons by the Delta amount. Positive Delta values inflate outer polygons and deflate inner 'hole' polygons. Negative Deltas do the reverse.

Edge joins may be one of three join types - jtMiter, jtSquare or jtRound. If the join type is jtMiter, then the MiterLimit parameter will determine the maximum distance from the original vertex that the newly offsetted vertex is allowed (in multiples of Delta) before squaring is applied.

It's important that the polygons passed to this function are oriented such that outer polygons have a clockwise orientation and inner 'hole' polygons have a counter-clockwise orientation. If the orientations of input polygons are incorrect, the function will return unexpected results.

See Also

Orientation, TJoinType