constructor Create(Owner: TCustomBitmap32; IsTemporary: Boolean = True; const MapFileName: string = ''); virtual;


Creates and initializes an instance of TMMFBackend.

If Owner is specified the new back-end instance is automatically assigned to the TCustomBitmap32 instance. The existing back-end of the bitmap instance will be replaced and surface data is transfered to the new back-end instance via the Assign method.

IsTemporary defines whether the allocated file should only be used for the life-cycle of the surface.

MapFileName defines the filename of the file that should created or re-used as memory-mapped file. Passing an empty string as MapFileName will result in using a part of the swap file for the surface.

Setting IsTemporary to false while defining a MapFileName will result in a permanent file being created that can be re-used.

For an usage example of the constructor please refer to the additional topic Back-ends in this documentation.


See Also

Back-Ends, TBackend.Assign, TCustomBitmap32, TMMFBackend, TGDIMMFBackend