function GetSampleInt(X, Y: Integer): TColor32;

function GetSampleFixed(X, Y: TFixed): TColor32;

function GetSampleFloat(X, Y: Single): TColor32;


GetSample provides a method for acquiring a color sample from the coordinate (X, Y). The sample may be generated by the sampler itself, or it may be acquired from a nested sampler. Descendants of TCustomSampler must always override at least one of GetSampleFixed or GetSampleFloat.

The different postfixes determines the precision of the input parameters (integer, fixed-point or floating-point).

Prior to calling any GetSample method, PrepareSampling should be called, and finally FinalizeSampling should be called. Note that any number of calls to the GetSample methods can be made inside this Prepare/FinalizeSampling block.

See Also

TCustomSampler, FinalizeSampling, PrepareSampling, Color Types, TFixed