procedure LineToS(X, Y: Integer);

procedure LineToTS(X, Y: Integer);

procedure LineToAS(X, Y: Integer);

procedure LineToXS(X, Y: TFixed);

procedure LineToFS(X, Y: Single);

procedure LineToXSP(X, Y: TFixed);

procedure LineToFSP(X, Y: Single);


LineTo* methods are similar to TCanvas.LineTo. The line is drawn from the current raster position, to the position specified by X and Y parameters excluding the last point. Then raster position is shifted to (X, Y) point.

The line is drawn with the color specified in PenColor property. 'S', 'TS', and 'AS' versions use and update integer integer raster position, while 'FS' and 'XS' versions use and update independent fixed-point raster position.

LineToXSP and LineToFSP do not use PenColor, instead, they draw a line using currend stipple pattern.

To start a new line or sequence of lines, use MoveTo methods.

See Also

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