procedure Draw(DstX, DstY: Integer; Src: TCustomBitmap32); overload;

procedure Draw(DstX, DstY: Integer; const SrcRect: TRect; Src: TCustomBitmap32); overload;

procedure Draw(const DstRect, SrcRect: TRect; Src: TCustomBitmap32); overload;


Renders the image specified by Src parameter (or part of it specified by SrcRect parameter) at the location given by the coordinates (DstX, DstY) or the DstRect rectangle.

The method provides both: block transfer (versions with DstX, DstY parameters) and stretching (versions with DstRect parameter).

The method uses Src.DrawMode do determine how it should be blended with the background, and if stretching, Src.StretchFilter specifies how the image should be stretched.

The Dst parameter must not be necessarily some other bitmap. In fact, it is possible to copy/stretch areas inside the same bitmap that calls the Draw method. However, in this case, if source and destination areas intersect, the result is not specified (this is a limitation of the current version).

See Also

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